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Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
^That's really cool, how did you overlay the data onto the video? Or did you use the video recording mode in the app itself? Also, how do you get data and video mode at the same time? Same thing, just start video recording and drive onto the track?

Curious to see if I can overlay the data onto my GoPro video.

Also, what GPS attachment do you use Z K?

....Thunderhill looks fun....
I don't have any attachment on mine. Just using the built-in GPS.

All you do is use the built-in video feature. If you have the track map loaded, it'll start and stop recording video for you when the lap starts. The videos show up in your iPhone photo library. In the App's lap listing, it'll show which laps have associated videos. When you view the lap details, it has an option to "Overlay" the video. Once it does that, it generates a new file in your photo library that you can export. The problem with the app is that it only records video for every other lap... The App can overlay data onto other video files as well. You have to make sure that the start and stop of the video clip is perfectly matched.

Alternatively if you don't care for lap times, you can just not specify a track and have it record video with data. You have to start and stop the video manually.

Thunderhill is very fun. Lots of high speed sections and sweepers you can carry speed in. Buttonwillow is fun too, more tight, technical and favors smaller cars. Too bad it is further away for me.