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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I was referring to FI N54 and NA S65 (hence the tread title). I don't like going off topic (meaning other FI cars vs other NA cars).

IIRC the stock 370Z does not have an oil cooler?

Also I'm not saying you're fast or slow, but it's also driver defendant.

Not sure what your times are at Button Willow or how hot it was when you were there

At SOW this past weekend it was 105, pretty freaking damn hot.

I was not referring to your post. I was responding to Christopherchenm's post which generalized NA and FI.

I ran Buttonwillow once, didn't time it. IMHO probably wouldn't be too good as it was my first and only time there. My fastest time at Thunderhill was 2:09.4 over the top in my car and 1:50 at Laguna Seca. I've been tracking and instructing for over 10 years so I've done it in many different cars.

But you are right, it is going off topic. In terms of N54 and S65, definitely I'd pick the M3 for track duty.