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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
Why so sensitive? I never made any personal attacks.

The reason why I made a point to question your post is that you are telling OP (and others who read this topic) to "Cut your sugar intake...only natural sugar (fruits)". You don't post any sources for this "fact."

There is no reason to cut out sugars when looking to lose weight. You can enjoy the foods you like, but carefully track your caloric and macronutrient intake. Look to get 95% of your calories from whole foods with strong micronutrient content; feel free to fit other foods you enjoy into your diet.

If it works for you, great, but advice like "avoid steaks" might not work for others. It all comes down to calories in / calories out. There are no magic foods to avoid and no times to avoid eating them.

PS You said that you gained muscle during your weight loss from 225-208, unfortunatly that is not possible. You gain mass from a caloric surplus, and lose weight in a deficit. You just leaned out and appeared more defined.
I couldn't resist....Ummm...your first sentence and your second sentence was taken as a personal attack. If you read my first post I emphasize calorie intake v burning. What are you a "nutritionist"? Macronutrient !?

Why cut steak?
A 6-oz steak delivers about 40+ grams of fat and about 16 gr of them saturated. A salmon has about 18 gr of fat and only 4 gr of them saturated but just about the same amount of protein (salmon a bit less of course).

Why cut sugar in processed foods?
Combined with carbs and complex carbs your body will store these as FAT if you do not burn them off.

Yes, the debate about gaining muscle versus burning fat (?) Personally I have gained about 15% strength over the past few weeks, thus muscle has grown as I have lost a total of 20 lbs. One must provide the body with the appropriate nutrients to grow your muscles...balancing act between carbs and proteins.

PS...I am not going to site resources b/c I am not writing a Term Paper. My recommendations are based on my experiences and with coaches and trainers.