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Well for me, I can daily a 991 much easier than a 986 (I know a boxster isn't a cayman, but similar enough).

I used to own both. The Boxster for me was too raw/bare bones, so I'm assuming the cayman is as well. Given this was 03, so I'm sure things have changed, but I just can't see a Cayman as being a DD like a 911 (or M3).

I borrowed a S2k for a couple of days in the past, so I know what you mean about it being a crappy DD. I want a S2k, but can't imaging DDing it.
It was stock suspension but had no cats and a gutted interior. loud and smelly...
I never tracked it but I have seen them at the track and in the hands of the right driver..they're exceptionally quick

Regarding the 1M, IIRC, it has the oil cooler upgrades that the iS models have, and that should be helpful.
I have friends who track their n54s with upgraded oil coolers and they're fine more or less.
I feel the M3 is a good DD and a good track car; but it doesn't do either of them "great"

MPG is horrid for a DD, lack of low end torque for those around town spots.
Z4/N54 is a great DD, great low end torque and good MPG (I get 20+).
Hence why I take the Z4 out rather than the M3 when going around town; it's easier to park too and I don't care as much in regards to door dings and what not...and no front lip so no need to do crazy angles either hehe

Nonetheless I don't want to turn this into a M3 vs 911 vs cayman vs whatever thread

Thanks for your comments