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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I get the 911...but how the cayman? small 2 seater vs comfy 4 (5) seater m3?

Never driven a CTS V so I can't comment on that.
In that case I'm not sure how you get the 911 either (I don't mean it in a bad way), as its rear seats are practically useless unless you have kids or just using it as a parcel shelf. My point is that whether it's a 2 seater or 4/5, the fact that between the suspension tuning and the powertrain's driveability, the 911/Cayman are comfortable driven everyday, even great distances, and are just at home on the track.

For instance, my S2000 is at home on the track (stock with an OEM hardtop and just upgraded brake pads, fluid, and heavy-duty clutch). However, it stinks as a daily driver. The suspension is too harsh, the engine (F20), while a true gem, is very non-linear, and you hardly get to the high lift/duration (>6K rpm) when driving on the street. Heck, at 70 mph, in 6th gear, the engine is turning 4K rpm! Imagine the noise. You feel like you're doing 140mph. But, on the track, you're always in the right portion of the power band. The close ration gearing and the communicative suspension all allow for a great track day, and the car can take track abuse easily. But it's completely compromised for the track, at the expense of being a horrible daily driver.

The Z4 is the opposite of the S2000. It's compromised to be a great daily driver (or let's say a great road car). The 911/Cayman/M3/CTS-V are all very good (if not great) at both. That's quite the accomplishment if you ask me. I haven't driven a 1M, but it sounds like it's also accomplished in that manner as well.