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Originally Posted by rye m3 View Post
Wow, so many posts and all misinformation. It is AUTOMATICALLY OFF. You turn it ON with the button. If you are in traffic or it is hot, it will automatically restart the engine if the interior has gotten too warm. Naturally, the A/C is not running with the engine off.
I don't believe this is an effort to improve gas mileage. This is a "green" feature. People have turned off their cars manually at traffic lights for YEARS. This simply automates the process. I don't turn mine ON much, but it does seem to work very efficiently.
Wow, are you here to save the day? They are "all misinformation...?" Really? Perhaps it's just one poster that got it wrong as it applies to the NA market (though as stated before, in other markets the default is "on."). I just love the folks who jump into a thread and have to start with the "so many post and they are all wrong..."