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Put some sealant on the VS8.2 today. The problem I have now is trying to find enough low windows to drive by so I can see what the wheels look like while driving. The more I see these wheels on the car in person, the more I am loving them. At first I was torn as I loved the ZCP wheels but now, after seeing them more on the car, I really love how they look and how much more aggressive the car looks... also really love the Signature Silver finish.

It might be a placebo effect (or the new tires) but the car "feels" lighter and more responsive now too... has to be the tires as the net weight is only 5 lbs less.

I was at Canadian Tire today to get something to repair a water hose and when I came out, there was a group of guys (4 of them) standing by the car. At first I was like WTF are they doing but when I got closer they were talking about how much they loved the wheels. One of the guys owned an E46 M3 so he was familiar with the wheels that come OEM on the E92 and could not say more about how he loved the VS8.2s. We chatted for about 5 minutes before I headed off. Love the Morr wheels!!
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