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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
Pretty simple, pretend you\'re trying to sell me the E9x M3 and I\'m in the market for a performance car. Convince me why I should chose the M3 over say Porsche or Mercedes.

P.S. I\'m going to test drive several cars and brands tomorrow and will be ultimately leasing one of them. I own an X5M so know what the ///M is and have also driven the E92 M3 twice before.
Funny, I was just about to get an X5M before I got the M3. For me one of the factors was that I would never get the driving pleasure out of the X5M that I would the M3. Had a Cayenne TT a few cars back and while a LOT of fun, ultimately its a truck (HEAVY). M3 is a really well sorted car and I LOVE the DCT. I crossed shopped the Cayman R and a few other cars but in the end I got the E90 and am very pleased I did so. This isnt something someone should have to "convince" you to do. Go drive them, buy whichever one gives you the most pleasure for the $.