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Originally Posted by TSiggs View Post
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remember its important to take a 1:1 ration of carbs and protein if you are trying to build muscle or gain weight.
Actually, my first goal is really just to drop my body/fat percentage. Once I feel good about trimming up (and my lower back is better from doing stupid shit at the gym), I'll move to strength training.

Is it possible to keep gaining muscle and drop fat at the same time? Or should I not worry about protein intake and just focus on calories?
You need to focus on both fat and protein intake. The post above me is false - cutting carbs has no effect on body composition; your overall caloric intake dictates if you lose or gain.

Aim for .4-1g Fat per LB
1-1.4g of Protein per lb of LBM

Fill the rest with whatever you please as long as you hit baseline numbers. I personally fill with carbs.

No you cannot gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. You need to be in a caloric surplus for one, and a deficit in the other. Unless its your first time lifting, which it doesnt seem it is.

Good luck.