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Auto start stop, information for the masses

So I wanted to get some information put in one place for this feature on the new M3s. The idea is when you are at a stop light the car will turn off the engine to save on gas. I have a 6 speed (three pedals FTW) and have noticed a few things about how it works.

To get it to actually turn off the engine you have to come to a stop after moving, put it in neutral and foot off the clutch. It then seems like the car stalls but thats the feature just doing its job. As soon as you clutch down, the car starts right up. There is a slight delay and takes a second or two for the engine to get back in its grove.

I also noticed that if you are at the light or at a stop for too long the engine will turn back on, without the clutch being depressed. Has anyone else experienced this? I bet its so the engine doesn't get too cold. From what I gathered a cold start puts much more strain on the engine.

Onto the questions, how does it work for DCT? has anyone else experienced the car turning on again without hitting the pedal, and if so how long did it take? And the obvious question, how many people actually use this feature?

Ive used it a few times, I guess its cool and nice to have but its really weird in a big rumbling v8 to have the engine just go silent as your going about your commute.

Thoughts, questions, concerns? Discuss.