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What service are you getting? Is usually every 15k.

Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
EDIT: See post 4 for updates

Finally dropped my car off for service today. It is a December 2007 build 6MT. I have 23,7XX miles. As I have mentioned in some threads on here, I am having a number of issues looked at during this visit just for precautionary and consolidation purposes:

Routine items:

- oil service
- wiper fluid top off
- possible brake service (waiting to hear if pads are low enough - likley just fluid)
- spark plugs
- diff fluid

Request for SA to investigate:

- notchy gear box
- crunching/knocking sound in steering full turns (like when parallel parking)
- Idle vale (some dipping below 500 RPMs and roughness occasionally)

Initial details on investigative concerns:

Transmission - Shop foreman and I went for a spin, and he thinks my gearbox is solid. I believe that it is as well, and think most of my paranoia just stems from all the threads I've read on here! He said they will take a closer look just in case. Clutch is great too he said. Asked if they will take out 2008 clutch spring for me and he said they can't. Apparently, doing so could void the warranty on the clutch and potentially transmission. Will report back on any relevant findings.

Steering issue - Some of you may recall I reported about a soft knocking crunching sound when turning the wheels full turn in either direction. I had the Foreman look at this, and he did say he heard and felt something that should be investigated. I'm curious to see what comes back on this. Will report back on any relevant findings.

Idle valve - Nothing to add as of now.

Will edit OP with updates.

All in all, he said the car feels great. I did not bother bringing up the issue of interior rattles. I hope to have it back soon and will be sure to keep the community apprised of what comes up.

Loaner: I have a 328i Xdrive. I realize dealerships are under no obligation to provide a loaner, but BMW Seattle does and they offer newer model BMWs. There were several other cars that I would have had my pick from (335s and F10 5 series) that could have potentially been available. It would be nice if I got to drive a 335 or 535 to see what the N54/N55 is all about. call me a snob, but coming from an E92 M3 to a E90 328 Xdrive makes the latter feel like a minivan. Oh well, sure beats having to get a ford fusion from enterprise out of pocket.