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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
how can a new e92 m3 handle that much power when it only has 420hp and 286 ft/lb torque(less than my 310 in my 335) seems sad that bmw has so little torque i think at least around 400 would have been great or at least 375 but 286 is a joke!!!!!

seriously i beat m5's all day in that s55 and yes i understand it is in a straight line of highway cruising and not a track but is BMW supposed to BE "THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE"....not...."THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE....TRACK ONLY".....

You do realize this was the same debate that the prospective E60 M5 owners had before the car was released. As for AMGs beating M5's the only car that does are the 600 hp / 700 foot pound cars like the SL65. There are loads of vids on the net that will show you that, including the S55.

People wrongly focus on torque along....the E60 M5 proves this narrow view is just plain wrong. Horsepower is a measure of an engine's ability to do work over time. In the measure of SAE HP, revs are just as important as torque in the determination of the power of the engine.

The new M3 will rev up to 8300 rpm, combined with a flat torque curve and proper gearing, the new M3 will beat a proceed 335i significantly....assuming BMW gets the gearing right like they did in the E60 M5.
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