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Originally Posted by Shosholoza View Post
Do I get a
2012 Porsche Cayman R, Peridot green, 6spd, plus radio and aircon, OR

2011 BMW M3, White, competition package, DCT, fully loaded Convenience package, Premium package, BMW Apps, etc.

I loved my Cayman, so did my wife - great handling, fun track days, excellent dealer service, PCA club, the Porsche exclusivity factor. BUT my 06 CS engine blew at the track with 55K miles on it and the CPO warranty was not honored. Out of 11 track days it was trailered home 3 time due to breakdowns.
This CR is bare bones, A PDK is not available until next year. The gen 2 engines are supposedly more reliable.

I used to own and track a 04 BMW 330i ZHP - we also loved it, did 145K miles. Tracked it 15 times with no problems. Also a lot of fun, but not in the same league as the Cayman S. Dealer service was average, no club or social activity, no "P" factor.
This M3 is in a different performance league! It has DCT (which my wife wants this time), and is loaded with all the creature comforts.

I will be doing a 36 month lease, and the M3 will end up costing $5K less than the CR over that period. Also there will be no maintenance costs for the M3.

Convince me why I should come back to BMW...
How track reliable is DCT?
honestly....if you don't have any practical needs, than a Cayman R is far more 'pure' of a sports car than the M3 could ever be. The M3 is obviously a nice car with plenty of useable performance, but hardly has the sleep sports car look, and doesn't really match up to the direct performance of a Cayman S or Cayman R.

that being said, if you want some practicality----then the M3 is the way. If you don't need it----the Cayman R is the way.

You should also consider the TT-RS, which is an amazing car, with probably the best exhaust note of any car under $100k.