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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Maybe this will help you decide...

Jerezschwarz, Saphireschwarz, Rubinschwarz...
Dackelone, thanks for posting the pics!

Originally Posted by hlmiii View Post
These two statements are not correct.

I have two "black" BMW's - a Jet Black M3 and a Sapphire Black 135.
The Jet Black car has been babied with hand washing and treated with figurative white gloves overall. Despite that it readily reveals any swirls and blemishes when viewed at any angle in most lighting.
The Sapphire Black car has been treated respectfully, but not with the same care. It's been taken through good car washes. It does not reveal swirls under most viewing. Yes, it will give up some evidence under the right angle and light, but it is much more forgiving than the Jet Black.

Sapphire Black is also not nearly so sensitive to the unavoidable dust that settles on a car within minutes of washing.

Overall, SB has 90% of the star quality of JB, with 20% of the problems.
Okay, that pretty much seals my decision not to go with Jet Black. It looks stunning when clean, but I’d like something a little easier to maintain (although I understand all dark colors are difficult to maintain).

Originally Posted by varsity View Post
I think an important factor to consider is how long you plan to keep the car, and how much you're going to value this car in the future.

If you totally love this generation M3, have wanted one for years, like the idea of a color nobody else has, and think you'll keep it far beyond the warranty expiration, then sure, go for the $4k color.

But if you think you're going to move on to other cars, maybe higher-end cars, in the future, I'd suggest saving your money.

I’ve loved cars since I was a little girl, but my 335i was my first BMW after putting myself through many, many years of school, and lots of hard work getting myself etablished in my career...

I didn’t even consider the M3. I just thought it was way more than I would need.

Well, after reading about it here and driving it on an autocross, I thought, “OM*F*G, I want this car!!! And I would want to keep this amazing, last ever, naturally aspirated V8 forevaaaaar!”

So here I am.

I like most of the M3 colors. But when I saw this M3 Competition Package in Azurite Black, it just floored me:

I'm not sure if it's because of the color or how great the photography is though.

Regardless, this post reminded me I need to get an M3 that "floors" me like that. I compromised a little on my 335i (it actually has a popular option that I *didn't* want), and now that I know that it doesn't matter if 99% of the population likes something if I don't like it, an E9x M3 is not something I want to compromise on...

I’ve been continuing to search and read old posts, and it seems as if BMW Canada has allowed more than the standard Individual colors. I do want to explore if I might want to go with something quite different. For example, I do like the Dakar on the E92 quite a bit (really surprised me!) Although I’m not sure I’d want to stand out that much!
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