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When I am referring to build quality I am referring to the touch and feel of the materials. I agree with you I feel the Mustang is of excellent build quality. Its just after 2 E46 M3s and an 07 997S getting a Mustang with its interior just didn't feel good to me. Believe me, I wanted to get a Mustang and save some $400 per month on a payment. It was just to much of a downgrade (interior wise) than I was willing to do, of course this is just my opinion and yours may vary.

I will say this though...when the 2014/15 Mustang debuts it will probably be the car I get after the M3. It will be normally aspirated with the 5.0L getting DI by then and another 15-20hp with better fuel economy to boot. Ford is talking about a lighter smaller Mustang for the next go round. The M3 with the turbos is just not my bag..I'm a normally aspirated guy.

BTW, quite a few 5.0s are destroying the #8 piston when they are tuned and Ford is clamping down on aftermarket mods. I mean the car is only making 82hp/litre, it shouldnt be so stressed with just a tune. Something is amiss there, and they have to ditch the MT82 trannies made in China.

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