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Right, but then we wouldn't be talking about 'car' people. Keep things within the scope here.
Being a "car" person doesn't mean you lose all semblance of practicality.

I have an acquaintance who owns a 458 and Mulsanne among others, but drives a hydrogen Honda every day to the office. The guy could daily-drive a Veyron if he wanted.

Maybe it's a maturity thing. For many people, there comes a point when you don't need to be driving the most expensive car you can afford at all times, or even at all. And higher cost doesn't mean higher performance.
I think the $50k - $100k car category is highly variable with respect to drivers and their ability to "afford" the car. I have no data to support this claim but in this category I think there are more people driving these cars than can really "afford" them.