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I think I am finally "done" with the exterior mods for the car. I pretty much have it exactly as I like it now so I thought I would share some VERY unprofessional pictures.


2011 E92 M3 with ZCP
OEM Edition grilles and gills
Lux H8 V3
Morr VS8.2 wheels in Signature Silver
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires
Stoptech Street Performance brake pads
Stoptech SS brake lines

This is the drive around town, take to a couple of HPDE setup. For me, it's perfect.

So, a few reviews on the new stuff:

Morr VS8.2 wheels

The quality and weight of the Morr wheels is simply great. They are very noticeably lighter than the OEM ZCP wheels. One of the reasons I bought these, other than really liking the design, was to offset the weight increase from the RE-11 tires over the Pilot Super Sports I was running. The Bridgestone tires are almost 14 lbs heavier... enter the VS8.2 to save the day being 18.8 lbs lighter than the ZCP wheels

Offset is perfect for me. Finish and quality was great. I struggled with the the finish to pick but am VERY happy with Signature Silver. One thing I will say, I have not seen a single picture that does these wheels justice. They are MUCH better looking in person when you can see the intricate details, the concavity of the rear, the 3" inner lip, the design and angles of the spokes. They are really beautiful wheels that are not over the top and fit the personality of the M3 perfectly.

Bought these from Jorge @ WheelAddicts and he is just great to deal with. We finalized on Monday, they were shipped that very night and I received them yesterday around noon in Canada!! Great service. That is the second set of wheels I have purchased from Jorge and he is absolutely a stand up guy. Highly, highly recommended!

Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires

Bought these so I don't need a second set of wheels/tires for the 2 to 3 HPDE weekends. They are amazing tires. I LOVED the Pilot Super Sports and these are a step up from those in dry weather grip and steering response. The stiffer sidewall really tells you what is going on under the car and there is no sense of the tire rolling over on itself. The big surprise to me... they are NOT noticeably rougher or more uncomfortable!! That was a worry for me as I wanted to use these all of the time. The PSS is a better pure daily tire but the RE-11 is almost as good but with better grip, steering response and, from what I read and have been told, will hold up better at the track.

Take a look at the close up profile of the tire in the front. It is a 245/35 tire, the same as stock... notice how low and square the profile is. The PSS in the same size actually filled the wheel well better but the RE-11 is definitely a wider tread. Love the tires.

So... as they say, the thread is worthless without pictures...

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