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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Not to stir up anything, but not being able to afford a certain car is possibly the main reason car buyers defer to other models.
This is an unbelievably ignorant comment. There are COUNTLESS people who live below - not within - their means by choice. These are people who earn seven figures yet live in $300k homes, drive $30k Toyotas, send their kids to public school, pay their bills on time, have zero debt, and have seven figures parked in CDs and savings accounts. You don't hear about them because they don't go on forums and crow about how much money they have saved, the way we go on forums and crow about things our money has bought us.

My wife wanted a new E coupe. Sure we could afford an E550. But since she drives putt-putt 4 miles to work and doesn't have a concept of WOT, there's no reason to get her the V8. We bought the E350, saved money on the car, and continue to save money at the pump. She gets all the luxury and safety she wants AND we save a few bucks. Everybody wins.