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Originally Posted by VenomBMW View Post
Hey guys! I've been gone for a bit, I might've been blocked lol, but I still haven't made a decision. I've read all the great replies and am leaning away from the Subaru after test driving both. However, I'm reading that the Mitsubishi Evo Mr is like a baby GT-R which really attracts me. It has superb AWD and it looks nice. Its got excellent handling, looks great, and seems useable as a DD. Until now, I've driven the M3 twice and love it, only thing keeping me back is its RWD.
Sounds like you arent a "badge whore" so you appreciate a well sorted car regardless of price. Thats a sweet little car for the money and driving around in my M3 I can assure you I would never F with one that I thought was even slightly modded (dont want to be too embarrassed). Add snow tires and its probably a hoot in the white stuff. Doesnt Mitsu have a really long warranty these days?