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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
Oh come on, Legion, that's a load of crap. Just because you're a photographer does not mean you are the last word on the assessing the visual reception of the M3 in different colors (obviously something that is completely subjective). I think we can all agree that car looks good in every color. Yes, lighter colors may show the lines more, but darker M3s are far from "black blobs."

The pic above (Bapesta206's car) is awesome and i can see every single line on that car.
Well like I said, there's an overwhelming majority of people who agree that the M3 does not look good in dark colors because of the subtle bulges and also It's worth menoning because of the use of black trim which doesn't contrast with black.

I've spoken to several dozen salespeople that specialize in M3's and even without soliciting them there is a huge consensus that lighter colors are better. In fact I have never heard a salesman specializing in M3's recomend black, and I have always heard salesmen recomend the lighter color.

Like I said black is good for cars with striking shapes, like Lambos, all my cars used to be black on purpose before I went to all red cars so I'm saying this both from an informed artistic standpoint, from the standpoint of having done a mountain of research and interviewed more people than I can count, and from an experience standpoint.

I really don't think black is the M3's color. Black is good for cars that have lots of silver trim and unique shapes. Not for cars with black trim, black vents, and that have lots of form but little shape, which perfectly describes the M3.

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