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Originally Posted by Totti View Post

If you're telling me that doesn't look good you need to PM me with the address of your crack dealer so I can get some..
I think that pic actually proves my point really well. Most pics taken by cameras try to bring out the detail in black by doing auto exposure, but with this car, it's more realistic.

As you can clearly see the black hides every single part of the car that's supposed to be special. It just looks like a big black blob. All I see is headlights, chin spoiler, wheels and the turn signal, then black blob.

The M3 just looks like a regular car in profile, Jay Leno has actually said that in his review of the car, that at first glance it looks like a regular car. The last thing you want is to reduce an M3 down to a blob because then it brings out the fact it's a normal car.

The thing to do with an M3 is to show off it's sublte features as much as possible.

Compare the pic you just posted to this:

Yours = black blob

This = special car

Clean cars are happy cars!