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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
I suspect it may have to do with :
No car in the world more similar to the m3 than the 335.
No car in the world more similar to the 335 than the m3.

The whole m3 vs 335 argument is an exercise in splitting some really long hairs.

Each has a few things it does a little better than the other.
M3 will be a little more entertaining.
335 will be more forgiving when you're stuck in traffic or going on a road trip.

M3 also has the "woot I have an M3" aspect, that the 335 doesn't come with. As is with anything that can double as a status symbol.


Wow. Have you ever driven a 335 or M3?

I have owned both and they are not "a little better than the other" regarding anything. They are WORLDS apart.

Say what you want on which you'd prefer. Certainly, I loved both. But to assert they're a hair's difference in performance and feel is just mind-boggling.

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