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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
Funny, I toyed with the idea of finding an XT "Sport" mt. I saw a few JDM STi versions and I loved the idea of something so practical I could mod the hell out of. That boxer with a few bolt ons happens to sound pretty good too. Came close on an STi when I was getting my last P Car. The Porsche dealer had one he took in on trade with almost no miles. One thing I could never get over was the interior. Just felt so cheap. Got a 335 instead and all was good with the world.
my first purchase out of university was an 06 sti with 4000 kms on the clock. When I compared it to the rest of the competition and the harsh winters we have in alberta it was a no brainer. Had a blast with the car for over 3 years and nearly 100k kms without any major problems. Invested 2.5k into it and had it running nearly 100hp/trq over stock. The interior wasnt bad overall, just the seats & the colour of the seats. Alot of people swap them out for aftermarket seats. Its funny cause soo many people swap out the m3 seats for something else, even though they are probably the best seats on the market for comfort/performance. Ironic lol.

The Forester is another beast, I've seen the jdm swaps being done, and for a family man that needs utility, while having some fun with the vehicle, it's definitely a cheaper/reliable option than many of the competitors.