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Originally Posted by cawest19 View Post
To assume someone buys a certain car because they can't afford another is a bit ignorant and arrogant (especially if you are an owner of the car you are claiming they can't afford). I understand what you are trying to get at, but I think it's a bit classless to make a statement like that.
Really, I don't think it's ignorant or arrogant at all. I would love to be driving a GT3 or a 458 italia, but I can't afford it. I think if you can't afford a GT3, drive an M3, if you can't afford an M3, drive a 1M....

My point is, only pick the 335"is" (note we are talking about the IS) if money is a factor, so items like gas or price. If you've ever spent any time in a 335IS you would understand, I love the 335 cars - hell I fight for them in other threads. But if you go head to head with a 335is and an M3, there is NO good justification for choosing the 335is vs. the M3 other than financial ones. In performance, interior, look, feeling, heritage, sports, the M3 trumps the 335IS.