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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
airdrop only works with broadcom wireless chipset (some late-2008 and up computers, and all 2010 and up computers). if you have atheros chipset, you will not have airdrop. it will not show up in your finder sidebar and will be missing from finder settings.

my late-2009 mini at work and my gf's 2006 macbook do not have it.
mid-2010 mini and the original unibody MBP (late-2008) do.

as far as disappointing reviews.... what exactly are they disappointed about?
everything seems to work fine for me. some small weirdness here and there, but no show-stoppers. i was able to configure everything to my liking. 4 computers upgraded so far.

Thanks for the heads up with airdrop.

I only mean disappointing in the sense the I expected more 'rave reviews'. Most of them have highlighted that they find some of the new features useless or annoying. As posted above though, I'm really just excited about gestures and airdrop though. I'll use airdrop every damn day.
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