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Originally Posted by quiksi View Post
I don't think any of the other dark colors would be much better at hiding swirls than Jet Black.
Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
Any dark color will show swirls the same, Jerez or Azurite will be no better than Jet black.
These two statements are not correct.

I have two "black" BMW's - a Jet Black M3 and a Sapphire Black 135.
The Jet Black car has been babied with hand washing and treated with figurative white gloves overall. Despite that it readily reveals any swirls and blemishes when viewed at any angle in most lighting.
The Sapphire Black car has been treated respectfully, but not with the same care. It's been taken through good car washes. It does not reveal swirls under most viewing. Yes, it will give up some evidence under the right angle and light, but it is much more forgiving than the Jet Black.

Sapphire Black is also not nearly so sensitive to the unavoidable dust that settles on a car within minutes of washing.

Overall, SB has 90% of the star quality of JB, with 20% of the problems.