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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
'Quick' is very fun, and gets used constantly.

When I'm alone in the car (90% of the time), I floor it right up to the speed limit.

(i.e. If there is space in front, the pedal is to the floor.)

Granted I never use the launch control (just roll up to 5 or 10mph and then punch it).
Not worth shocking the drive train for a tad more 'oomph' for not even a second at the beginning.

Note : Stock exhaust is really quiet, so you don't have to feel like a jac kass either.

+1. I frequently daily drive mine. Even though you can't really explore it's max potential on the road, it's just an amazing car and well worth the compromise.

No one should try to talk themselves out of a GTR without spending a significant amount of time driving one. I wasn't sold until I finally test drove one. At first, I was worried it would be too much for a daily driver, but you get use to the power and begin to like all it's idiosyncrasies, such as it's clunky tranny at low speeds. The car has a lot of character. Two drawbacks are the small back seat legroom and minimal front end ground clearance. Then again, most high performance cars like this don't even have back seats. Fuel economy is actually pretty good. Yes it's going to be more expensive to maintain an m3, but it's not that bad. Oil changes are only about $150. If you are not tracking and have the camber set up right (there is a "street" setting you can get set up during service that is free) the tires can last 10,000+ miles without driving like grandma. My buddy who doesn't track his car has about 13,000 on the original tires. I think he will be changing them soon. I think mine will last 8-10,000 max. Without track use, brakes should last a long time. Of course, if you track this will all change.

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