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To go Individual Paint or Not... (Jerez vs. Azurite)

So.... in Canada we have a choice of *some* Individual options. (US owners, nothing to be jealous of, as our M3s cost significantly more )

My favorite colors are the very dark blue or black ones.

I heard that Jet Black is bad for swirls (and my salesman told me to avoid it). So I was leaning a bit more towards Jerez... but then I thought, "Frak, I'm spending so much money on an M.... maybe I should get Azurite?? It seems to be a bit bluer, and without the slight purple-ish tint that Jerez sometimes has... p.s. Midnight Blue is not on the Canadian website, but I suppose I could always ask my dealer if it's possible and if so, how much more it would cost...

I know it's a personal decision whether or not the difference between Jerez & Azurite is worth $4000 (n.b., the $4000 would include piano black, eucalyptus or maple anthracite trim), but I thought I'd ask for your thoughts anyways.....

In addition, if my car gets chips or gets hit and needs to be repainted or something, how hard is it to get matching paint or a matching paint job? Anybody know?

2013 M3 coupe (Azurite Black, Black, Piano Black)
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