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Originally Posted by adc View Post
It's actually quite simple - Nissan went for the numbers. They sought out (and found, obviously) any possible efficiency in putting power to the ground - at the expense of the driving experience IMO.

I truly, really, honestly, don't care at all about the GT-R. I drove my friend's and it did absolutely nothing for me. I'm much happier with my M3, no matter how slow it is by comparison.

To me, stepping "up" doesn't involve running GT-R lap times, but rather enjoying a better driving experience. A 997.2S is a step up from the GT-R in my worldview. I imagine a GT3 would be 2-3 steps up.
I completely agree. The GTR is insanely fast especially for the price you pay for it, but it was engineered to be ruthlessly efficient and incredibly fast.

To me the GTR is in no mans land in terms of what you would use it for. On the street or as a weekend car its rough riding and not as engaging as an M3, Porsche, or any other drivers car, so I wouldn't really want one for that. Its also not that big so it would be tough to use it as a DD. As a track car it would be fast, but I'm not a big fan of taking stock cars right onto the track because 1. It would get beat to hell 2. I would void my warranty. I might get a slightly faster lap time with a GTR, but I mainly go to the track for the thrill of driving fast and not to get the fastest lap I can possible get.

Its a great car and in a few years when I can get a used one with low miles and an extended warranty for 60-70k I would consider it just to be in a car that is so crazily fast.