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Originally Posted by M3 09 AND135I 11 View Post
I understand what you are saying but i personally wouldnt enjoy driving this car on a daily bases for one simple reason: you just cant use even a fraction of this cars potential without being afraid to be pulled over by a cop. At least here where i leave. I got so many speeding tickets(including 110mph)that cost me thouthands of $$$ to retain my dr. licence. I sometimes question ownership of my m3 since i drive it now like my grandma. I dont track m3 for the same reason i wouldnt track GTR: too heavy, too expensive to track. I got 135i for that, modded heavily and have passed many fast cars
including GTR(advanced group)on short technical road courses.
'Quick' is very fun, and gets used constantly.

When I'm alone in the car (90% of the time), I floor it right up to the speed limit.

(i.e. If there is space in front, the pedal is to the floor.)

Granted I never use the launch control (just roll up to 5 or 10mph and then punch it).
Not worth shocking the drive train for a tad more 'oomph' for not even a second at the beginning.

Note : Stock exhaust is really quiet, so you don't have to feel like a jac kass either.


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