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Originally Posted by JRam View Post
I just sold my 335i and got myself an M3. Theres no comparison. i dont care what you do to a 335 (i had catless DPs, JB4, Stett intake) it will never match the driving experience and overall feel of quality that the M3 brings to the table even in stock form. I loved my 335i. It was fast and def. more torque down low and gave you that "slingshot" feel. But the M3 is so smooth so fast in tight spaces and the LSD makes it way more fun to drive. The quality of Leather and interior materials especially with the Extended leather was a nice upgrade for me as well. Basically i used to be happy with my 335i, but when i get home in my M3 i'd bang it in the exhaust if it wasn't so hot. Its that much better. Just get the M3 basically is what i'm getting at....
OMG "bang it in the exhaust" LMAO

M3 DUDE. Sported up 335 or an M3? This decision should take about 2 seconds. DONE. You have a chance to own the M3 your kids will be asking about.

Name 1 reason of how the 335is is a better car than an M3? MPG is about it.

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