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Originally Posted by phusion974 View Post
I agree, changing tires on a car that does this much trq will chew up tires like no tomorrow, Im already on my 4 set of rear tires on my C63 and It has 12k on the odometer.

My buddy used to DD his EVOMS GT800 996 Trubo. Now his DD is a modded 997TT thats doing 60-130 in around 6.5 secs.
Don't see any problem with driving cars like this on a daily basis, if you can keep up with the maintenance.
I understand what you are saying but i personally wouldnt enjoy driving this car on a daily bases for one simple reason: you just cant use even a fraction of this cars potential without being afraid to be pulled over by a cop. At least here where i leave. I got so many speeding tickets(including 110mph)that cost me thouthands of $$$ to retain my dr. licence. I sometimes question ownership of my m3 since i drive it now like my grandma. I dont track m3 for the same reason i wouldnt track GTR: too heavy, too expensive to track. I got 135i for that, modded heavily and have passed many fast cars
including GTR(advanced group)on short technical road courses.

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