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I own a Spyder and will attest to the top taking 1min-1min:30sec to put up. In climates where it rains more often than not, you would find yourself leaving the top up 'just in case'. There is no compromise in trunk space with the top off and stored and you can also just leave the sunshade (top piece) on for a half way experience.

For anyone else thinking of buying the car, the buckets are awesome but are tougher to get in and out of - so test them out as see what you think. If that, paired with the top, bothers you - look at a different car because you are missing the point.

I've driven cars that are faster in a straight line and have some experience driving an M3, there is nothing that has come close to the feel, precision and handling of the Spyder for the money. The ingredients for a test drive are, 6 speed manual, sport buckets, RPM range between 4500-Redline and Twisties/Track. Do this and you will be sold.

You can literally hop into this car and drive it at 8/10th without ever having been to a track/lessons. If the tail slips, it won't send you in the nearest ditch and getting it back in line is as easy as it can get. All this while feeling like the car was built around you and not the other way around. There are very few cars that you can jump into and feel like you've driven them a million times before.