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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
Boost on this kit is 100% mechanical. There is no way that software will affect boost. There has to be major restriction or leak somewhere in the system. As AJ suggested I would dyno the car with a boost and AFR log and send us the files. You can also always send the vehicle to us if you cannot find the source of the issue.
yes boost is mechanical and this has nothing to do with tune, i understnad very well how this kit works.....remember i did install it, and this is not the only ESS kit i've installed. i am by no means a BMW mechanic extrodinaire, but i feel like your suggestions and my actions are going in circles. it's almost to the point where you dont want to believe that i actually pressure tested the system and smoke tested it. VAC did all of this as well per instructions of ESS, but what you are saying keeps going in circles and adds to the frustration of this car.

it ran fine after the tune. there is no intake restriction and i smoke tested and pressure tested the system. i even sent AJ video of me smoke testing the system and there is clearly no smoke coming from anywhere. everything i have done is in my original post.