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Originally Posted by M3 09 AND135I 11 View Post
This car is fast, no doubt about it, but why whould anyone own it as a daily driver? It just doesnt make sense to me Ofcourse if one tracks it a few times a year its another story, but in this case changing brakes and tires alone plus more frequent fluid changes will make it undesirable for most of us unless you are really really loaded.
I agree, changing tires on a car that does this much trq will chew up tires like no tomorrow, Im already on my 4 set of rear tires on my C63 and It has 12k on the odometer.

My buddy used to DD his EVOMS GT800 996 Trubo. Now his DD is a modded 997TT thats doing 60-130 in around 6.5 secs.
Don't see any problem with driving cars like this on a daily basis, if you can keep up with the maintenance.