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Originally Posted by artifice View Post
Agreed! Went camping in OK and as soon as you hit the border everyone goes like 90+ .... LUV'D IT!
love it Where did you go camping??
Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
Seriously, heading through MO/KS/OK, OK will have the highest limits .

I was back home in Delaware at the same time a Houston friend of mine was picking up his C6 Z06 after having a ton of mods done (don't ask me why he shipped his car to DE to do it).

He made the drive from DE to OU's homecoming. Left Friday night, was there for the tailgate in the morning.

22 hour drives might be fun when you've just added 200 horses to your car, but it prolly gets old fast
DAMN! That would be insane..I wonder if he had a lot of exhaust mods done...z06s get loud!!! You do have a valentine one, right?
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