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ESS VT2-625 Major Boost Issues. SC owners please chime in.

So over the past 2 months or so I have been trying to figure out a boost problem on my friends ESS VT2-625 M3.

The problem came up after we had the car updated to 625 tune and updated the airfilter to correct size. Went for a test run and car pulled great in 2nd gear and after that the boost problem started.

Car barely ramps up boost and hits a max of 2.9psi and sometimes less. Obviously feels fairly slow in comparison to 499whp it amde before on VT2-600.

I have been in touch with AJ, Hans and Roman from ESS. AJ has been very helpful in troubleshooting guidance but we just cant seem to find the problem. Week into it I gave up and took the car to VAC Motorsports who's a premier BMW show on East coast. They had the car for 2 weeks and couldnt find the problem. Here is a list of things they did...

-Compression Test (170 in all 8)
-Leakdwon Test (Perfect % in all 8)
-Smoke Test
-Pressure Test
-Pressure Test the BOV
-Removed and Reseated the manifold

After that, they basically ran out of ideas.

So I picked the car up from VAC and thats when I started going back and forth with AJ, and went back to it myself because the ESS kit is a very simple design and there are only so many places that can let boost out. I needed to see it with my own eyes because there has to be a big leak for it to only hit 3 psi.

First thing I did when I picked it up was switch the belt to one Roman told me and check the tensioner. That did absolutely nothing

Then I smoke tested and pressure tested the car, found nothing. As you see in the pic there is NO smoke coming from anywhere and thats after me pumping the smoke in there for few minutes.

Then I decide to swap bypass valves with another ESS car I just helped put together. Took the M3 out for spin and was able to hit 3.5psi in 2nd and 5psi in 3rd and it actually felt somewhat quick. Still not even close to the 7.5 psi it should be hitting with 625 kit and the pulley thats on there.

I originally installled the kit on this car over a year ago and it ran fine for over a year.

Has anyone had similar boost issues? Anyone have any ideas?

Here is full list of what has been done...

@VAC Motorsports
-Compression Test (170 in all 8)
-Leakdwon Test (Perfect % in all 8)
-Smoke Test
-Pressure Test
-Pressure Test the BOV
-Removed and Reseated the manifold

By me
-Smoke Test
-Pressure Test
-Tighten Runner clamps
-Insall new belt
-Check belt tensioner
-Swap BOVs
-Check SC Intake elbow

AJ asked me to dyno the car to see exactly where we are so I will be doing that within the next few days.

Can the charger be bad???