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tru blu

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It's to refined it may be quick and the dct is affective and fast but it doesn't feel fast and it's not as exciting to drive fast it just is too removed from the driving expirience for me taste. Idk the v8 rocks and dct is so good at what it does it's almost too good and takes the fun outta the driving. It is so affective it lacks feedback. I'd rather have some feeling. I woudnlt call it slow it just doesn't feel fast it's like more of a luxury car unless you really modify it to be a track car. Weight is the enemy. I can tell the difference between a full tank of gas, between having 1 passenger and myself alone, and between 10 degrees F in temperature with how it's acceleration differs. So having 300lbs more in the e9x and having it feel more like a daily driver more refined is not fun. I would own own as a DD or a toy to track if you could afford to strip it out and tune it up nice. The e46 feels faster despite being ever so slightly slower to 60 and the 1/4...the e46 feels faster with pulled exhaust and tune and coil overs it just is more of an exciting car to drive IMO.