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Jc, Ooooh! Def bald tires make for a good training day I really thought you were going to pull off some drift-mania!

JJ: the cam is on a gorilla tripod with one leg wrapped around the rear pass side headrest post. The camera presses into the side of the headrest which really dampens vibration. I was going to film with Harry's too, but there was just too much going on. I like the perspective 'cause I can see what my hands are doing. Foot cam next??

BTW Harry's is great! Plots speed, Gs, accel, elevation, and RPM (with optional hardware) and superimposes each over your best lap AND the cumulative time gap so you can really see whatthehellhappened out there! Good stuff. It also plots Gs over the course map. It said I pulled 1G in the hard turns. I find that hard to believe, but all pretty awesome for $17.

TIP: just don't touch it. Let it run between sessions. It's easy to delete junk at the days end. I kept trying to stop it and ended up loosing a lot of data.