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In for pics...

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Originally Posted by jcreme View Post
Here's a few vids from in my car. As you can see I had a great time trying to keep up with M3roar (with the TX Flag plate) and disapr (with the gopro on the side). You guys are both great drivers! I love dicing it up with you! I don't think they are in these videos, but we did several 1:55's out there. Pretty good, I think!

Flav and JJ, 2:19

Finding Flav, 5:12

Chasing JJ and Flav, 3:44

And this clip from the end of Flav and JJ: A spinout coming over the hump. (sorry I didn't get your name!) I thought for sure I was about to witness a great demonstration of driving skill and grace! Until the last minute when you didn't save it. The rash viewer might say you were too hot coming in, but I think an earlier turn-in and smoother steering input would have sailed you through.

Spin Cycle, 0:32

Great day guys!!
Nice vids man! I love your driving look like you're on a Sunday drive with a helmet on...perfect! I would probably look like this if a camera was on me: lol

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