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Originally Posted by kmac1980 View Post
Classified or not, its well known F-15 is the fastest American fighter topspeed wise, 2.5+ vs. 2.25 on the F-22. Even the F-14 was faster than the F-22 at 2.34. It seems like the focus isn't on the highspeed afterburner flight anymore (F-22 can supercruise over Mach 1 without afterburners), but more on manueverabilty, fuel economy etc....

I'd compare the m3 to the F-22 for sure....and Vette, more like a Mig-25 Foxbat (mach 3+)
Somehow I missed the fact that the F-22 wasn't as fast as the F-15. I woulda put good money on the 22. Super cruise is certainly a huge feature though.