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Originally Posted by dogears View Post
So yesterday, a casual friend of mine came over with his 2001 Vette. I did not know he had this car since he usually is not driving it. It was pretty sharp with aftermarket body pieces and rims. I comment "nice Vette". He tells me thanks, it has a lot of work done.....

So, we pop the hood which has a center carbon fiber cold air vent, and I see a monsterous supercharger, front intercooler, and a plaque on the plenum stating 768HP and 700 something lb/ft torque. This was rear wheel!! He tells me it is like 850hp at the crank.

Needless to say, we went for a drive.

Thing is insane. It way outpulls any relatively stock M3 even when in 3rd gear! He tells me other Vettes with the same mods have run high 9s in the quarter.

Now I want G forces like this.....

He also have suspension mods and races at Millville all the time. Handles great.

Kind of rough ride though.
If this is what you want, you should not have bought an M3. How about trying a GTR. While these kinds of numbers look great on paper, how often can you really use it. I find that I don't even have too many opportunities in real world driving to even fully utilize all the M3 has to offer.
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