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Originally Posted by sjc9099 View Post
My previous car was a 2003 SVT cobra. It had various modifications but the primary power adder was the 2.8L Kenne Bell Twin Screw supercharger. The car made 642rwhp//605rwtq @ 22 psi on 93 octane. Yeah the car was scary fast and could out run an production car out there --- but it was loud as hell, extremely poor gas milage, and felt very uncivilized compared to my M3.
Sometimes, I admit, I do miss the raw power of the cobra. But IMHO the M3 is a much better all around balanced and fun sports car.

And if your just looking to get a speed fix go out and buy a crotch rocket. the 850hp vette cant touch that trust me.
+1 I had a 350z that I twin turbo and was crazy fast then sold that and got a 335i and did the avg mods like. Chip down pipe and all that stuff then sold it and pick up the M3 although it's the slowest car in a straight line I have had in the last 6 years it's also the best all around feeling and worry free car I have had. Remember this when adding alot of hp to a car there will alway be some type of side effect or problem trust me. "it's the unspoken word for modding most the time" if you want power that can't be matched pick up any 1000 sports bike from 04+ trust me I have a gsxr 1000 and two zx10r still can't get the feeling out of my head with 1down in the front 2 up in the rear ;-)