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Originally Posted by Hayzi View Post
The difference between the PS2 and the PSS is quite amazing really.

I'm running mine on the road with tyre pressures set as per the BMW guidelines for 2 people even though normally it's just me in the car. I used to have my PS2's quite high but i noticed that at the higher pressures on PSS the wear rate was not even across the tyre even giving it the large round a tight bend, i think the wall's are stiffer on PSS but the load ratings are the same 650Kg front 750 kg rear. On the road in the wet they are leaps ahead of PS2 and give much more confidence.

On track the PSS are definitely softer as the wear rate is higher but a noticeable increase in grip, not cup level but not far off. It took a while to get my pressures right as they kept getting too hot but once I got that sorted they are recommended.
Were you able to measure the temp of the PSS while at the track, e.g. inner, outer, centre readings? And the effect that the tyre pressure had on these readings?