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Originally Posted by gawee77 View Post
Ok, bought this from him thinking this was easy bolt on... Far from it...

Fitment... NO WAY IT'S PERFECT... Not even close...

None of the hole in the lip aligns with factory holes...

Not sure how authentic ones are but these certainly not gonna work without making some modifications...

First, I was not gonna post anything since it was cheap and you did send me the bolts after all but for you to say this thing fits PERFECT... No way!!!

Show me the picture after you install this thing... Unless you take off the bumper and drill bunch of holes, THIS WILL NOT WORK...

Sorry... But I want to save other members $ and time...
Same thing happened to me! I had a few exchanges with the seller a few times, but there are no real options besides trying to get it mounted by a body shop. Even at that, I don't know if it's worth the hassle.

So those interested should either expect a bit more work involved then an easy bolt on - not a perfect fit indeed!