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somehow I missed this thread...

welcome back Josh! I'm glad you're sorting out all that personal stuff. Are you feeling better now? Out of curiosity, what was the diagnosis for your seizure episodes and vertigo?

Anywho... you remind me of a much younger Howie Mandel. That being said, looking forward to seeing more of your pics here.
thanks, man.
i still have pretty serious issues with vertigo, not so much with the partial complex seizures. they never found anything wrong there. as far as the vertigo goes, it's migraine related...meaning i'm stuck with it for a long, long time. oh well. transdermal scopolamine helps when it's real bad.
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At 21 it's not too late for anything. The key is to have a real plan and stick to it. So what if you're 23 when you graduate, so long as it's something useful and additive to your future.

Good luck.

so much to decide haha.

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1) great shots
2) you have skills
3) don't be retarded and waste your money on school
1) thanks
2) thanks again
3) ergh.

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Nice pics

it's beginning to look like I won't be going to brooks this fall. a week ago i was certain of it, haha. probably at very least postponing it until spring so i have the opportunity to look at other places. SMFA (so i can have a degree from tufts), SCAD, etc. or, if things turn out well, maybe not going to school for a little while and just shooting.