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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Don't be quite so universally accepting of BMW "wisdom". 15k (or so) oil changes and "lifetime" DCT fluid for the M3 are recommendations from the same folks (probably not entirely blessed by their engineers though). Most folks in the know vehemently disagree with these recommendations
Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Indeed . If only engineers could get away with what they want . Blame it on bean counters, stock holders (demanding ever increasing profits), EPA, lawyers, etc.
Although I don't necessarily disagree, the argument to live by the break in recommendations would be to avoid getting grief from BMW if a problem came up. If the car was "abused" during the break in period (according to how BMW might define it) and you had an issue with the engine, I wouldn't want to give them the opportunity to try to deny a warranty claim. I'm not even saying they would deny warranty but I wouldn't want to have that fight. For that reason, I would follow the break in recommendations whether it is needed or not... it won't hurt the car for sure so the only downside, IMO, is decreased driving enjoyment for 1,200 miles.
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