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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
By saying it's out via "OS", the only thing people are going to find if they search is nothing except results related to iOS 5, so I imagine nothing you're saying is true. You say you have a 4GS even though there are barely any rumors sticking with that name, and it doesn't even go with Apple's trend. Even if they go with 4G, which I hope they don't because it won't be real 4G, they would want to leave 4GS for an upgrade just like 3GS. They will either go with 4S for a speed upgrade, or less likely they will go with 5 even though there are no hints at a major hardware refresh at this point.

Are you asking just for the name or are you wondering if it's going to be a huge hardware jump? If it's not a full refresh, which doesn't seem likely, it will still be a big enough difference otherwise they wouldn't bother. The 3GS was an amazing jump over the 3G even though it wasn't a full revamp.

But if they do put the A5 processor in there, that would make it pretty worthwhile. Apple isn't going to release a new phone if they can only say "well it's 2% faster". It will need to have some kind of substantial improvement to set it apart from the current model.

If it's just "LTE", then yes, that is fake 4G. LTE Advanced is what we want.
Believe what you want. I won't loose sleep over it nor am I here to argue. Just giving my observation. Most people don't believe it and thats fine. I am not here to prove anything just saying if you want the latest you have to pay and thats with anything really.

I won't be checking this thread again.... Good luck in your search for the new iPhone.