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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
I had a tool in a red Cali sunday on the 101 trying to race me. He kept coming up to me and revving his motor. I just waved at him and gave him no attention. He floored it and took off didn't seem to jaw dropping quick to me but i am not an expert. It was a big car and it was also a nice sounding/good looking car
Haha...that sounds familiar. Twice last week I was taking my son to school and going just a nudge above the speed limit but watching traffic so I was catching all the free space and making good time. Both times some tool in a sports car (one was a Z06 and the other an older Viper coupe) would see me go by and then start trying to race... doing a ricer fly-by and then slowing down again so I kept having to get back around them when they'd get stuck in slower traffic since they weren't looking 5 feet past the end of their cars.

The whole time these super tough guys thought they were racing me my little boy is in the back seat talking about robots as we listen to Sinatra