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Bolt-On Power - Round 1

As there is a supercharger going on the M3 soon - we really wanted to see what power can be made with simple Bolt-Ons.

Items installed:
- Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Slip-On Exhaust System
- Akrapovic Delete-R Check Engine Light Suppressor
- Challenge Stainless Steel X-Pipe Race+ (Catless)
- Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit w/ ICS Scoops
- Macht Schnell S65 Performance Underdrive Pulleys

The Macht Schnell S2 intake is a work of art. The rotomolded polyethylene pieces, silicone couplers and euro hose clamps give the system an OEM+ look with texturing matching the intake manifold.

The charge pipe is noticeably larger than the stock unit, eliminating the "accordion" type bend and restriction found on the stock unit. The included rubber couplers allow for proper engine movement. after installation, a noticeable intake "growl" can be heard from the engine compartment under acceleration.

The stock airbox is awesome in the M3, but there is definitely some room for improvement for those looking to modify.

Macht Schnell S65 Performance Underdrive Pulleys

Underdrive pulleys have been used on domestic for years, but the concept is still relatively new to the EU market.

Pulleys are a great way to gain HP, the concept is simple: Lower rotational mass frees up parasitic drag which normally robs HP. However, care must be taken in ensuring these safe levels are not exceeded.

There are two deciding factors in which I particularly liked on the MS pulley system:

- Two pulleys are provided (with most companies only providing one pulley), the power steering pulley allows the A/C compressor to retain its normal speed, not weakening - especially during hot summer months. The BMW system is designed to disengage the A/C clutch at WOT, which adds to the benefit of the 2-pulley system.
- Normal off-the-shelf belts are used. BMW uses a double-sided 6-rib belt system, which is not normally found in parts supply houses and can be quite expensive from the dealer. Included were name-brand Continential belts.

The Macht Schnell DualDrive design replaces the Crank Accessory & Power Steering Pulleys, reducing the power required to turn accessories. Some would even argue there is a slight increase in accessory lifespan.

Akrapovic/Challenge Race+ X-Pipe
As per the Akrapovic, what can be said that hasn't been said already? Full Ti construction, amazing build quality which is above any other.

Coupled to the Akrapovic system is the Challenge Race+ X-pipe, removing both the restrictive primary and secondary catalysts from the system - giving a throaty exhaust note. The Challenge X-Pipe was similar in weight to the Akrapovic's X-pipe, mostly due to the omission of the catalytic converters and resonators.

Akrapovic tip shot

Upon startup - it was immediately known this exhaust combo not for the faint of heart. The sound is awesome

Dyno Results
Baseline dyno shows a 345hp/254tq reading, which is about average for the S65 powerplant. With the pulley, Intake and Exhaust components installed, we saw a ~40hp gain, with an added bonus of shedding approx 50lbs from total weight.

While peak numbers are normally what is touted about for bragging rights, its important to take notice of the area under the curve as power can be seen throughout the entire power band.

While we're very satisfied with the results, the M3 feels better throughout the entire powerband, as well part-throttle driving.

A proper tune should be able to reach the 400hp club easily.
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